The History of Valentine’s Day

Origin of Valentine’s Day

The 14th of each February, otherwise known as Valentine’s is a special holiday where lovers express their affection by sharing candy hearts, flowers, and gifts. The holiday which is observed the whole world originated from the festivals of Lucercalia in Rome. The ancient Rome celebrated the Lucercalia festival in the mid-February to welcome spring. During the festival, some of the activities performed were fertility rites and paring women with men by lottery. However, by the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius outlawed the Lupercalia festivals he claimed that the celebration was unchristian. Therefore, he decided to replace it with valentine. Also, during the period of mid-February, it was believed that birds from across Europe begin their mating. This also added the idea that mid-February should be a day of romance.

Who exactly was Saint Valentine?

In the 269 AD, the then Roman emperor Claudius Gothicus noticed that a good number of his soldiers were getting married. Once married, the men become more committed to their family rather than being good soldiers. Therefore, he decided to ban the wedding in his territory. Valentine felt this was unfair. Consequently, he chose to violate the rules by arranging a secret wedding. Unfortunately, the message reached Emperor Claudius, who threw him in prison.

While in prison, he again fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. This made the officials issue a death penalty. Valentine was then killed on the 14th of Feb. He left a signed letter to his fiancée. From that date, St Valentine was recognized as a hero who advocated for rights of marriage, love, and affection.

Why do we celebrate V day

Valentine began to be popularly celebrated around the 27th century. By the mid-18th century, most of the countries from across the world, including England, France, Australia, Germany, and the United States were involved in the celebration. Friends and relatives could exchange small tokens of affection or letters to their loved ones. Also, as part of celebrations, boys could draw names of their girlfriends from a box. The couples could then be um and couple up for days. Fortunately, they could get married during the later periods. The industrial revolution of the 19th century even made it easier top print greeting cards for family members and couples

Currently, the festival has been embraced differently in our society. Different cultures observe it as a day for expressing love between family members or friends. Also, couples find it a perfect moment to showcase their love for each other through gifts, cards, and roses as an act of appreciation. People also share dinner on this beautiful day. Fortunately, people even find it an excellent day to make marriage proposals to their partners. Regardless of whom you are celebrating it with, or why you are celebrating it, valentines day is generally regarded as the day for the lovers.

Also, the rise of internet and cyberspace technology in millennium era has contributed to the digital celebration of V-day. Thousands of people use digital media to share love messages, love coupons, e-cards, or printable greeting cards.